Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2: Liked It, Could Have Loved It

the magic ends?

First things first, I’d like to be clear here that I am a huge Potterhead. Just like the rest of the world, I grew up with Harry Potter. I remember seeing a boy classmate reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone during class and asked what the story was about. I can barely recall what he said, although flashes of “magic”, “wands, “wizards”, “spells” and “witches” were mentioned.

There was a lot of hype surrounding part 2 of the Deathly Hallows movie. Many were eager to see if their favorite scenes in the book made the cut or if they would actually film the epilogue bit. As for me, I just wanted to know the release date.

I booked two iMax tickets a week in advance to make sure we had the best seats. (Did I tell you how convenient it is to book movie tickets online these days? You got to check out SM’s bCode terminals!) I didn’t get to catch the movie on the day it premiered here in the Philippines, by the way. So I avoided Tumblr for a while after the premiere because friends would blab about the movie.:) Continue reading

Very Merry

Bearded and unshaven,
he stumbled upon my door.
Neither right nor wrong,
it was just.

In the ravageness of the moment,
he fumbled into my lips.
Neither good nor bad,
it simply was.

On two shattered coffee cups,
he finds my flesh.
Neither hot nor cold,
it ended in five.

Book Club Read: Invisible Monsters

Invisible Monsters

I have no idea how book clubs work but I don’t care really. I just like to read. Our first assignment (er, is that what you call it?) is Chuck Palahniuk’s Invisible Monsters. I’ve been looking for this book for quite some time now but due to some rotten luck, I always leave a book store disappointed because they never have it in stock! Until, of course, I dropped by another Power Books store and (luckily) found one copy neatly stacked behind Palahniuk’s other novels–Haunted and Snuff.

I’m not done reading the book yet but I know I’ll enjoy this novel. The first few chapters already reflect the Palahniuk that I adore–fast-paced, flamboyant and brutally honest. In contrast to another favorite, Haruki Murakami, Palahniuk writes like it’s nobody’s business. With his works, don’t expect him to romanticize words or linger upon phrases.

If Palahniuk’s writing doesn’t excite you already, the book by the way tells the story of a female model who ends up with a terribly disfigured face, changing her life forever. A journey about finding one’s identity, the book doesn’t strive to scratch the surface of conceitedness, vanity or self-worth–it smashes them wide open.

“When we don’t know who to hate, we hate ourselves.”


To starry walls, she spreads her arms,

like waiting for a beckoning touch.

In the darkness her secrets swing open,

a chest unfastened in mid-flight.

Pirouetting on fire,

to the song she has grown into,

the dance she was shaped after.

Collapsing in a sea of bewildered applause,

her bright sixteen lives–

quickly dims under colored suns.


You can’t rewrite your life. All you can do is write better chapters ahead.

You can’t change a person. All you can do is hope for this person to realize this.

You can’t have it all. All you can do is make do with what is given to us.

You can’t handle everything. All you can do is grab what you can at the moment, leave the rest for some other day.

You can’t make someone love you. All you can do is just love and never expect.

You can’t hide from the truth. All you can do really is face it head on.

You can’t do wrong without consequences. All you can do is learn from it.

You can’t expect loyalty and honesty from everyone. All you can do is be loyal and honest yourself, hoping to be given such in return.

You can’t count on everyone. All you can do is be your own hero.

You can’t trust everybody. All you can do is keep a close watch of yourself, your heart, your pride.

You can’t be good at something without failing at first. All you can do is resist the urge to surrender.

You can’t live in utter happiness. All you can do is be ready for misery to strike.

There are more cannots in life. I just can’t–how ironic–remember them all.

On Cheating

Having male friends who exude the typical machismo attitude can be annoying. For instance, since when is it fine for boys to tell me how they managed to cheat on their already-amazing girlfriends–and tell me the details of how they are pulling this off! Whenever this happens, I snap back at them faster than they could say f*ck. Seriously, the nerve to tell me about these things. Sheesh.

Having been cheated on hard in the past, I know how incredibly painful it is for their girlfriends. It especially sucks when I am friends with the girls. I will never completely understand why boys have to be a complete jerk. If you think your current girlfriend’s changed, if she’s gained a little weight, has stopped wearing makeup, getting too snoopy for your taste–cut the crap and just break up with her! That, dear men, is far more chivalrous and acceptable than bringing another girl in the picture to ruin everything.

Somehow, I know that men will cheat when they get the chance. Oh, especially so when the other woman is willing. Men will unravel the greatest of lies to make you feel secured when truth is, they have us wrapped around their finger. They will constantly throw lies and assurances because, truthfully, some women don’t respect themselves enough to stand their ground and simply say, “I’ve had enough of your lies. Have a grand time f*cking. Bye”.

Men should learn a thing or two about fidelity. What good will it bring to juggle two, three or four women? A man who cheats is a joke, a failure, a dirtbag. He is someone who never really loved us from the start. He is someone snoozing away right below the basement of humanity’s hierarchy. As if it wasn’t enough that they objectify us, they dice our hearts too.

Being experienced in the area, I know now what to do if ever that happens again–I’ll be shipping the asshole to Pluto with a sweet little note: “Don’t get an STD.”